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Jensen RCS50A backup camera replacement suggestions

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We have a '02 Diplomat 40'  PBT with a Jensen backup camera that is degrading.   Looking for suggestions for a replacement that might be plug and play.    I know several of you on the forum have replaced your camera but I didn't find any references to the brand you replaced. it with.      The camera minimally 'works' .   Lots of lines and not 'sharp'  display.    The audio still works with the camera.   

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

( I may not have introduced ourselves on the this 'new' forum.   We are Pat and Mick from Northern California.   Use the RV to go to dog shows ( Great Danes ) and to our property in Oregon where we use it as our home for 3-6 months a year ) .  


Pat D.


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When my Weldex system quit I called RV Cams, www.rvcams.com

I told them what I had and they recommended that the easiest  replacement was a more modern WELDEX with a color LCD monitor.  I also replaced the rear camera with a color camera.  The new monitor fit nicely in the opening in the dash and it's great to have color.  I don't use the side cameras, so I left them as Black & White and they work fine when I want to use them (rarely).

RV Cams was very very helpful and their recommendation was spot on.  I hated my old WELDEX CRT system and love the new one.

I strongly suggest that you call them, tell them what you have and ask for their recommendation.  Their customer support is great!  Very highly recommended!

Dwight L
05 Knight

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When our rear camera went caput, i went to a local Auto Audio/video store and they came out to the coach and suggested a new camera, this was 2011, and installed it using the existing wiring. They have all the necessary testing equipment. Charged me 65$ for the "house" call and labor. SOLD the coach in 2014, so i do not recall what brand the new camera was.

Paul A

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When my Weldex was an issue they charged $400 for the monitor replacement.   Never worked right, the next replacement had different issues.  I changed to Rear View Safety at half the price for complete system.  Tossed the  Weldex.  I did not get the one with the side cameras as I felt they were a distraction and rely on the mirrors as safer.  I see their system is now std on many manufacturers mh.   Good communication with their people also.   Minor dash work for my coach.

Rich Cutler 06' Windsor 



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Pat, I also called rvcams.com.  see if you can speak to Tim Lazaroe. He's an owner and very knowledgeable. 

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