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Fishy A/C's

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I turned on my a/c's yesterday and both had a fishy odor come out of the vents.  I put the fans on high and opened all of the windows.  It was better when I went out to check it today, so hope it goes away permanently.  I don't know what causes that, but I had it happen a few years ago and I ended up having the interior treated with ozone for a couple of days and that got rid of it.  Does anyone know what causes it and a better way to get rid of it?  The a/c's had been off for quite some time.  It is in storage and plugged into shore power, but had another problem where almost nothing was being powered.

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Hi Dan, could you be a little bit more specific in describing the odor please? 

I am venturing a guess that it was mildew in the evaporator coils, when the A/C ran for 20-30 mins, the odor went away, the coach was cool and all was well. I very well could be wrong but that’s what I have found to be true in our case. I do use a product called Nu -Calgon No rinse evaporator foam cleaner and works extremely well, safe and smells great, like  citrus.  This is a once a year / whenever needed type of treatment, I try to do it annually when sealing the roof components since I am already up there. We are anxiously awaiting your reply! Enquiring minds want to know. 

Thanks and take Care,



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I've used a similar product to what Nick @K9 Exec used 👆🏻, purchased from Home Depot.  I had some "suspicious" looking crud in my evaporator pan when I was cleaning it.  Once I cleaned the coils, wiped the evap pan with Clorox wipes, and dried out the mess I made  in the coach 😐 (Hint, put some plastic and/or towels down under your AC units in the coach), the smell was gone, replaced for a day or two by the Clorox smell, then nothing.  That was two years ago and no recurrence since...

Hope that helps...

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