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SeeLevel remote panel

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I am thinking I would like to put in a remote panel for my new spiffy SeeLevel system. I see online that you can get a remote panel withOUT the water pump switch (I already have one in the wet bay) for a shade over $200 and one WITH the pump switch for a little less than half the cost. Half.


Does anyone know what the differences are between the two and if I can run the one with the switch without having any issues?


Spider sense says - maybe?


I am hoping someone else has seen and done this as well.



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They sell a number of configurations, depends what you want as far as functionality. I was looking at their Garnet 709 system @$179 and the 709 panel only @$87 because I don't need a pump switch on either one The best price I found was at rvupgrade . com, for a 3 tank + LPG and battery monitor. You can pay a lot more for one with a data bus, alarm or blue tooth. 

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