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Rear Curb slide 2005 Diplomat not centered.

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I’ve never notice this before but the rear curb slide is about 1/2” off centre. It works well but the seal is not sealing up against the slide wall. Does anybody have advice on how to adjust this? 

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@throgmartin is the owner of Talin RV and Talin Guardian Plates.  He is our best resource.  Reach out to him via a PM or look up Talin in Brooksville, FL and call and ask for Chris (Throgmartin).  His tech are specialists and they know more about Monaco slides than some of the so called "Techs" at the REV service center.

He often helps folks, who are members here, diagnose and give them tips..  HE IS BUSY...but he also is a great guy...

That is my advice....and solution....

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