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Can Anyone recommend an RV repair facility in MN

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Looking for a reputable RV repair facility in central MN.  I need my Aqua Hot serviced and and an air ride issue fixed.  

2005 HR Nav 45’ PBQ

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Many of us have learned to service the Aqua Hot ourselves.  There are several YouTube videos as well as posts on this forum.  Order the fuel filter and nozzle.  Watch the video's.  The first time go slow and allow about 2 hours.  After that you can do it in 20 min.   

Good luck finding someone to work on your HWH air ride system.  Almost any truck repair facility can repair air suspension systems, but they dislike working on motorhomes.  

HWH is located in Moscow Iowa.  With an appointment they perform suspension service at the factory or you can contact one of their distributors.  



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