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Cranky Power Windshield Shade

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The driver's side power windshield shade sometimes just won't retract. ( there are 2 shades)Screenshot_20230917-200927_Gallery.thumb.jpg.0f63f006fb742c6bd178bd751b26a2fa.jpg I can fuss with the dash switch by repeatedly pushing it, and eventually it agrees to pull the shade up. Down is not an issue. Today when I took "him" out for excercise,  i was concerned it wasn't going to cooperate at all, so enough is enough. Your input is appreciated.

2008 Safari Simba, Workhorse 36PCT coach

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I had the same problem with mine a year ago.  I had to replace the switch.  When I went to unplug the switch pulled right of the switch housing.  It's a Carling switch and they can be found at NW RV Supply.  I'll have to go see what the part number for mine is.

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Here's switch I had to replace for my shade and where I bought it.  I also bought an actuator removal tool but you can just use a flat head screwdriver instead.  The switch will come without the actuator so try not to break yours when removing it..


Carling Actuator removal tool.jpg

Driver side front shade switch.jpg

Driver side front shade switch_02.jpg

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