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apex awning

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The ole Apex! Lucky for u I just completed the conversion and upgrade. It might be easier to talk on phone. You need tech support for the correct kit. Attached are pictures of finished install. 
You need a 12v controller, 110 new mother board/controller, the 12v has the Bluetooth  chip and receiver in it for using the app on your phone. The big kit explains all that. 
new controls switches, one for led light (optional) and in-out for awning. Works like a charm!  You need to verify the awning motor works also, in and out. 
To assist with install, upper right cabinet above passenger seat, remove the end front panel, couple of Robertson screwed. There will be a ton of wire up there and a 110 outlet for apex awning. Look at loose end wires (be careful) you don’t cut or snag wires up there. Look for Elipse awning wires should be 5 wires. 
after that look in passenger console for the other ends of Elipse awning wires. You’ll need to very each one for both ends. These are your new switch wires, label and rename per instructions. 
Pm me for number to chat. 




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15 hours ago, camelot said:

Im calling rev group to get model# and make, I will get back with you! TY Steve

There were only TWO awnings used in the Camelot’s.  If the awning is mounted on the slide, it is the Eclipse…..12 VDC.  If the awning is mounted on the roof and comes out with two overhead arms, and the unfold like you straightening out your arm as in it is a 2 piece arm (think your elbow), then if is the 120 VAC Apex model.  There is a one switch for extending and retracting and another for windspeed of the “protection” so it automatically retracts. There is, in the pverhead compartment above the doorway, a “module”, which is the receiver for the remote.  The awning is 120 VAC.  There were 2 versions, I think, from reading the installation manuals, one was a SINGLE awning.  The other was for “multiple”….as in the Apex was a Girard Wannabe….so you could have 2 one one side and/or 4, as in 2 on each side.  Those had a complex, multiplexed controller.  

It will be interesting to see what Rev says.  If you have the RV Data Sheet…2 pieces of paper that lists the vendor, model and serial number for your motor home…it was in the original file so look there or was taped in the rear bedroom closet or in a similar spot, you have everything including the actual widrh of the awning as well as the colors….then you havevall the information.  However, if you don’t, then pester REV to email you the “build sheet”, which is what the data sheet is commonly called…. REV really has limited information on our MH and didn’t do a great job, nor cared, to understand and maintain the electronic data base that Navistar inherited from Monaco.

Yes, a picture would be nice…but if the awning is mounted on the roof and extends over the slide out, then you have the Apex model.

I suggest you PM @10Boomer and the two of you talk.  We did not know that the OEM 120 VAC controller was obsolete.  That is the best way…talk to each other and let him share how he did the conversion.

NOW….A REQUEST for @10Boomer.

it would be great if you could write up a description of what parts, with Carefree numbers, you purchased.  Then a narrative on what you did.  Finally the schematic on the wiring diagram or changes.  If you got a “how to” from Carefree or the instructions for conversion with one part, please include that.  We will combine it all into a PDF and put it in the files somothers can benefit.  Send it to me, @Tom Cherry or @Frank McElroy and we will combine it all…include pictures….  That will be on file permanently.  Thanks in advance.



it appears to to be the “KISS” fix.  I also did more googling.  The text below is from a simple $10 switch.  Put it in the Amazon search box.

The individual in the IRV2 appears to have rewired the main 120 VAC contol box or panel that has the extend and retract relays so they are not controlled directly by a simple switch.  @10Boomer knows more about where that main panel or box is located….so, there appears to be teo fixes….one provided by Carefree with the conversion parts….and the “gee I wonder” fix that eliminates the wind speed protection, which I and others think is just an accident waiting to happen.  Most Camelot owners that I know and some have posted here, don’t leave the awning out when they leave…if even there is a slight breeze.

APIELE Momentary Switch Polarity Reverse 6 Pin (ON) Off (ON) RV Power Jack DPDT Rocker Switch 20A 12VDC auto Control Reset Toggle with Pre-Wires

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Tom thx for the input, I’m very experienced with my Camelot and have completed many upgrades. I worked with Carefree to provided a retrofit for the Apex issues. 
min the process of repositioning to our winter destination,AZ from the north. I will need to get all my files, have some pictures, but you can imagine it was a day or two process. Once in place I can take time to get this together and send for our group files. 
Next; a simple picture, a PM or DM I can get the info to them and get them started. I’ll search my previous emails with tech to get a name and contact info. 
Thx everyone! 10Boomer

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how can we talk 10boomer? My # is 321-805-1079

On 9/19/2023 at 1:03 PM, camelot said:

awning doesnt work any more, called carefree they said controller was obsolete. So they sold me a BT12 controller, which is a 12v system, the apex is a 110v system. Does anyone know where to get the correct controller? 

here are some pictures! TY Steve




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