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A few here know I’ve had a leak in my Capps 2 pump. I’ve taken off the top and re-sealed what I could reach. It still leaked.

Pouring thread for hours led me to the distributor. There is a weep hole, that leaks and let you know to replace it. The Capps pump is broken down into 3 sections, you can replace just 1 if you want, many though forgo and just buy a whole new pump. It might still have to do that. 

But I think this is the fix. And to be honest, either way I’ve learned a ton about these pumps. I really don’t have the time so it’s headed to a diesel mech tomorrow. Nice kid whose dad has taught him the ins and outs. He works on just about any heavy truck engine. 

Here are some pics of the distributor, I’ll update if this fix works or not








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