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Surging RV55 Water Pump. Suggestions?

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I replaced my REMCO 5.3 home water pump with the same model on my 2015 Dynasty and now it surges when dry camping. I am puzzled because I have replaced it once before with no issues. I am wondering if I missed something or installed it incorrectly. Any suggestions?

Tom Gibbens

’15 Dynasty 

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Unless Navistar changed the plumbing design, there should not have been an accumulator tank.  The original RV55 pump was an AquaTech design.  They were used from say, circa, mid to early 2000’s.  The instructions plainly state….NO Accumulator….but folks have left them in or decided they needed one.  Mixed results.  REMCO bought out the rights to the AquaTech pump….then used AquaTech as the vendor.  Don’t know now, who makes them or if they are imported.  If you use the search box and put in Remco or water pump or AquaTech…..then click on the Everywhere and there is a drop down menu.  Select Topics.  There are many topics….and one has the “original instructions” which actually tells you how to adjust the pressure.  Later on, AquaTech decided it was a “factory” adjustment with their pressure setup.  BUT…many have tweaked it.  If it is pulsing, then I would start to check the fittings.  If there is a loose one or perhaps a hose with a pinhole leak, on the inlet side, it will suck air.  It takes a few minutes to purge, but then it should be OK.  Typically, one gets longer life than you have.  

Mine was replaced under warranty in 2010.  I ended up with a new spare….so, I installed it a few years ago…. It was still in great shape.  Make sure the filter is working and cleaned.  These are usually very troublefree.

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