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Water fill valve needed

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Please use, as requested, the search function before starting a new topic.  “Water valve” in search and click on EVERYWHERE….Then from the drop down, chose TOPICS.  This gets you 22 pages of posts.  The titles narrow it down….then pick the first one that lists fill.  You could also use FILL VALVE as the search criteria…

here is what pops up

https://www.monacoers.org/search/?q=Water valve&quick=1&type=forums_topic

if you go there….read and there is a wealth of information.  Your 98 Dynasty may be different.  Post a picture of the front panel.  There were two, I think, different systems used.  One was a 3 port or 2 way valve.  Pretty common.  Some had a check valve….others didn’t.  If you put PARTS in the search and choose FILES, That will allow you to download the parts list.  You can search, using the Adobe function, or browse the categories. There are (memory, I used to keep it updated) several different brands.  One vendor actually sells the OEM Monaco assembly.  He is a cottage industry guy….but knowledgeable.

the link below is the first i chose….then  i skimmed some more.  Pay attention to the signature and read the ones with older Dynasty.

OK….Curious.  I changed search to Fill Valve.  Bingo…..now only 7 pages….but….i found pictures of your MH’s plumbing….with the panel removed.  This link is what you need to help identify what type you have.  PRICELESS.  Do the search and keep digging.  Odds are….a brand will be listed.



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