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Lose tile.

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So I found this the other day. The refrigerator has always leaked on that spot on travel days so I always put a towel down. I take that drawer out a few times a year and it’s always dry so I thought the towel was doing its job. I’m wondering what your suggestions would be? On a side note what do you guys recommend for polishing the wood throughout the place. 
Thanks in advance Don

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I assume the loose tile is under the refrigerator.  Can you tell if any other tile are loose?  If you softly tap on them with a mallet or piece of wood do they all sound as if they are still fastened down.  Loose will give you a hollow sound. 

If no other tiles are loose I don't think I'd do anything, you'd probably end up with a bigger problem.

If other tiles are loose it might mean the wood is starting to rot and you've got a bigger problem. 

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