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Delamination Fix….ONE MORE TIME….anything new and less drastic out there?

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I am looking at buying a 2004 Holiday Rambler Imperial. There is a good sized delamination on the driver side aft of the rear slide out. I have read all the posts on this forum about repairing it and realize it is a monumental task. 
Has anyone just located the structure in the wall and re fasten the wall with rivets? 
I know you would have rivet heads showing, but like someone said, just don’t look there. 
Any thoughts?

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Delamination Fix….ONE MORE TIME….anything new and less drastic out there?

Ordinarily, this new topic would be moved or merged with several other “older” topics.  Assuming you used the search function, this is what has been posted.  The title has been edited also….as you said…..”maybe this”.

It would be good if you used the search link below and reviewed or revisited the comments.  Maybe there is a new wrinkle (oh that was ugly…LOL).

BUT, sometimes reposting a topic that seemingly has been flogged to death gets some new information. 

However, also for new members, with the search results below, it gives them a good primer on a much dreaded defect….

So, thats why it was not merged…..

https://www.monacoers.org/search/?q=Delamination &quick=1&type=forums_topic

Will be interesting….

BTW….Your Signature conflicted with your Profile.  The Signature was edited to match the 2007 year in the profile.  Please very or correct.  This is important to get the correct help on an issue.  Thanks

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I keep a close eye out on this subject on this site and IRV2.  I have not seen any posts showing good/easy fixes. 

After fixing my passenger side delamination, unless it is really bad I wouldn't fool with it.

If done correctly, rivets evenly spaced all lined up and then painted, it probably would look OK.  Only concern if the fiberglass would buckle up!


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