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Need a Wiring Schematic for a 2000 HR Ambassador. Thanks

Grandpa Jim

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16 hours ago, Grandpa Jim said:

Thank you so much, it really has helped me a lot. Still haven’t found the problem but at least I have something to go on. This unit has nothing but white wiring, it seems like miles of white wiring but we will get it

Hopefully the white wiring will have printed labeling on the insulation that matches the schematic.

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Need a Wiring Schematic for a 2000 HR Ambassador. Thanks

For your info and others.  You can use the SEARCH BOX in the upper Right.  I do it “my way”, which works for me….and any “search topic” will work

WIRING. In the search bar field.  Click on Everywhere. There will be a Search Menu drop down.  FILES is whaere you get a 3 page list.  Frank chose the one that you needed.

You can also use BRAKE LIGHT.  Then choose TOPICS.  You will get several pages of posts.  They contain the info or discussions or recommendations for fixing or troubleshooting BRAKE LIGHT.  Another good source.  You have scan or scroll, but there is. Wealth of information on them.

ODDS ARE…as in, I didn’t open the file….there are two switches on the Brake Treadle (the “box” that the pedal lever rod pushes into) as well as at least one, maybe 2 Bosch relays….or maybe they are Hamsar style.

LOTS of folks have had issues and they got help here and understanding….we all learn

Good Luck

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