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Monaco Dynasty windows

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We purchased a 2006 Dynasty and it is missing the screen for the drivers side window.  Does anyone know the manufacturer of the window for this RV? We had a 2003 Dynasty which we sold to my brother.  The screen from that coach fits ours perfectly, so this manufacturer must have made the windows for several years of Dynasty. 

If you know the manufacturer please share as that may help me track down where I can buy a screen.

I'm attaching a photo of our window abd of the screen we need. 

Thanks very much. 



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Are you certain that it came with a screen?  My old Dynasty (1997) had a screen there.  When I bought my 05 Exec, it did not.  I glanced at the window frame, and didn't notice a "track" for it, so just assumed it didn't come with one.  Now I'll have to take a closer look at mine.  I rarely open it - just for toll booths and getting directions when I am parking the coach at a resort or rally.

  -Rick N.

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