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Sorry if there is another tag somewhere.

A couple of points.  During the summer the engine started fine. I noted a slight rise in rpm then it would settle.  Now it's cold [freezing] engine had not been started in 6 weeks. Started up straight away then after a few seconds almost stalled, righted itself and then carried on as in the past.  Thoughts?

There is a 110 v cable in the rear for ?  I thought engine heater.  Today I noted the cable was HOT and a fan was running somewhere, behind the radiator.  Any idea what / why? Obviously not a heater probe stuck in the engine.

Hope everyone has a safe New Year. Les

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Not sure on a Cat, do you know if there are grid heaters in the air intake that warms the air when temps get cold enough.  

On my coach, when it's cold enough and when starting the rig I have a draw on the starting batteries and lower voltage due to the grid heaters.


Check you manual and see if the is any mention of a block heater. 

On mine I have a switch on the dash, which actually controls a relay that sends 120 volt to the block heater.  There is a 15 amp GFCI breaker in my main service panel.

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