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Air System Diagram

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Does anyone have or know of a diagram for my 2006 Camelot 40PDQ air system?  i.e, showing all the different components, air tanks, valves, air bags, etc.   I guess its probably similar to other models, or at least close enough where a diagram might work.

In any case that's what I'm looking for.

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There are 3 files in the Downloads/Air Systems file



I used an older schematic when I worked on my air system 2021 and it was very close to what I had including the part numbers.  I had plenty of time so I would remove the parts, get the part number off of it and ordered.  I had to replace all of my PPV's, they were all leaking.  But I also changed all the fittings and other valves figuring it was a good preventative measure.  Not much money, just took time. 

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