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Neat oil Change Hack for Deisel Pushers

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I know every DP engine configuration is differed but if you do your own oil changes you know adding fresh oil can be a PITA (Pain in the A--). For my 2005 Safari Cheetah, adding oil is do via a 1-1/2" tube opening about 6 feet off the ground on the passenger side of the rear access door to the tail lights etc. The distance between the top of the tube opening and the bottom of the door opening is about 3" making it almost impossible to use a flex funnel or other standard method of pouring in the oil. In the past I had to rig up a 1/2" tubing to the end of a funnel and stand on a ladder to slowly pour oil in the funnel. This often took up to 15 min per gal and usually two people, one ot hold the funnel and one on a ladder or step stool to hold the gallon of oil. This was tedious and often messy.

A national auto part place sold me a device with a length of 1/2" clear tube and fitting that were suppose to screw directly on to the gallon bottle but it was too small for either Rotella, Mobile, Castrol or Chevron gallon bottles of 15W40 for diesel engines.   I looked everywhere for a solution (Autozone, O'Reily's, Advanced, NAPA, Amazon but no luck. Then I had an idea. I ordered from Home Depot (not in store) a 24" length of PVC 3/4" ID flexible tubing and a 3/4" tubing to 3/4" MIP PVC water tight adapter. Together it was less than $8 delivered. I took a cap from one gallon of oil and drilled out a 1-1/8" hole in the center. I used a heat gun to soften the tube end and fitted it to the adapter then tightened down the holding nut. I them passed the MIP threaded end with O-ring through the hole in the cap and locked it in place with the provided nut. This made a water/oil tight seal.

I screwed the modified cap on a new bottle and sliding the 3/4"ID flex tube several inches down the fill tube and lifted the gallon upside down above it. THe first one took about 5 minutes to empty it and it created quite a suction in the bottle. On the subsequent bottles, once inverted, I made a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. That one emptied in about 1-1/2 minutes. The whole process for 5 gallons of oil too less than 15 minutes start to finish and a clean and easy job from where I stood on the ground.

I you change the oil in your own DP this might be a hack to make the job much easier. Here are descriptions and part numbers for the two parts from HD.:

3/4 In. Liquidtight Nm Straight Pvc Conduit Fitting Connector

SKU# 547004

3/4" X24" Flexible PVC Pipe

SKU# 492052

Hope someone finds this helpful  


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10 hours ago, 1nolaguy said:

I you change the oil in your own DP this might be a hack to make the job much easier.

Although you still have to go in through the bedroom hatch I found this to be very neat and easy:  Lisle 19802 Threaded Oil/Transmission Funnel.  It threads directly into the cap on top of the Cummins ISC valve cover and is extremely stable, and it's tall enough to tip a 1 gal jug without spillage.  You only need the top half, not the skinny bottom section.  It dumps oil in as fast as you can pour it out of the jug. 



- bob


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That does works if you are going through the (in our case rear bath closet) inside hatch. In my case emptying the closet is a massive challange and bringing oil in where the cloths are is a non-starter. I value my privates! lol

11 hours ago, rvtips said:

Can you shoe us a picture of your project ?

will post a pic next week.

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I have used the Everbilt pump to change differential and transfer case fluids. Works well. As with any of the hacks with tubing, it can get messy!


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