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New to the forum; have very much appreciated all the help you guys have provided me. We bought a 2003 Safari Panther last July for relatively cheap knowing it would be a little bit of a project. I've be involved in transportation management for years and started my career as a owner operator in the 80's. 

Our coach is 42', has the 505 hp Cat C12 with a side radiator. To date (with help from you guys) I have done a fair amount of work on it and just wanted to thank you all for your past posts. Every time I get stuck on an issue I come here and usually find the clues on how to fix my problem. 


Work done to date includes:

Replace rear tires, replace cooling package and control board on the refer, rebuild the aqua-hot, replace 10 airbags and 10 shocks, replace the radiator, service transmission and engine, change all hydraulic hoses and water hoses, install metal surge tank on cooling system, replace house waterpump, replace upper radiator hose on genset, replace fuel return lines on genset, installed solar and service and most recently bought a replacement board for the Sealand toilet from Paul. 

There's been a bunch of smaller stuff but this forum has been a huge help. We just took a trip from Northern California to Las Vegas pulling a 22' enclosed car trailer with a car in it and it ran perfect. 

Hopefully someday I can help someone else out but until then THANK YOU all.


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I agree completely! This site is awesome. I have picked up many tips and have used the knowledge of all of the awesome talent on here for my own 2002 Diplomat "project". I too plan to assist with my new found knowledge of all of the unique snowflake Monaco's when I can. Great site and great folks here!

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