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"Service Center" water leak?


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1995 Monaco Dynasty, just awakened from his winter slumber, start checking systems, so hooked up the hose to fill the water tank and had water pouring out on the ground??  Crap, thought for sure the water tank had frozen and broke, as the water was running out from under the tank on the wet bay end(driver's side). After doing some studying of the situation and some process of elimination I figure out its not likely the tank, but rather coming from somewhere else, as it only actively leaked when the water system was pressurized.

 Went to the manifold(1st pic) under the sink, turned off all the valves, turned the supply hose back on to pressurize and now there's no leaks heard. Turn on each circuit individually, and the one labeled "service center" is audibly flowing water when turned on and has a river flowing out under the water tank in the wet bay.

"Service Center"??  What the heck is that and where is it??

After some tracing, I see the lines in the 2nd pic, these run across the back of the bay where the water pump. water heater, pressure tank and inverter reside, come down from under the kitchen cabinets and run to the passenger side behind the panel where the transfer switch is hanging.  These make sense, but there's too many of them, there's only a bathroom sink and shower on that side of the coach, so hot and cold for each makes 4 lines, but there's 6 lines headed that way. Where do the others go??t


**EDIT for clarification**  When the Service Center line is on, the water is coming FROM the middle to passenger side of the coach and running TO the wet bay compartment on the drivers side.


Thanks for any help you can come up with.




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2 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

The "Service Center" is most likely your wet bay where you dump your tanks amongst other functions, outside shower, etc.

 I should have clarified, the water is coming FROM the passenger side and running TO the wet bay on the driver's side.

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