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Ism 500 - 2008 Dynasty - engine fault code

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I received a fault code 1 111 01 25 on a recent trip. The dash light was only on for about 30 seconds and then went off for the rest of the trip.  I have looked at possible causes and see it may be ECM failure.  Not sure if this is a correct diagnosis from this code.

About six weeks ago, the engine would crank but not start. I shut off the post electric and the battery disconnects. After ten minutes, I then reconnected the power. This apparently reset the ECM and it started right up.

Have any of you had this experience? Is there a concern that the ECM may be failing? What other possibilities may cause this?

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I don't recognize that form of fault code, how did you recover the code? 

I'm use to an SPN  FMI type code, which I can take and find info from the Cummins Quickserve website.  It will explain the fault code and then provide detailed info on how to troubleshoot and repair. 


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I have a Scangauge D and that is the code it provides. I may need to contact Cummins with my engine serial number to figure this out. I have noticed looking online and in my manual that the engine light coming on and going off after a minute or so may indicate water in the fuel, so have changed both filters. I will be on the road early next week and will see if that has made a difference. There was just a tiny bit of water in the one old filter when I opened the drain.

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