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UPDATE and IMPORTANT information on Blue Seas ML-ACR and Installation requirement

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Frank McElroy and I have been "discussing" and such the Blue Seas ML-ACR. This pertained to how "EASY" if might be for a less than "Journeyman Tech" or a seemingly Novice, from electronics and electrical perspective to install.

The main caveat was that there had to be a multi pair (2) wire run or cable between the ML-ACR and the front so that the, included in the retail unit, Boost/Control Switch could be properly installed.

Having to run a separate or additional wire has been a concern....as to the "fun of doing that" by some members.

However, today, based on the discussion that Frank and I have been having, and a long conversation with Blue Seas has prompted this general information post.

Attached is the Blue Seas "Install" instructions.


Frank will be adding this to our files for convenience.

From a simplistic standpoint, the remote switch, which is included on all "Retail Units" should be mounted up front. The single existing wire or lead to the rear can be used for terminal 2, RED. The other 2 amp fused "up front" wire is connected to terminal 8 and jumpered to terminal 3.

However, at this point it is NOT absolutely essential that the Yellow #7 Wire be available.  The switch will work and turn ON and OFF the unit. BUT, there is a also a second function, other than "an indicator light" for the Yellow wire. It is a "Feedback" wire for the trouble or error codes or "OK STATUS" of the unit. The tech said that....as long as there were no "faults or abnormalities", it was NOT essential...but HIGHLY recommended.

Thus, a second wire is needed.

Other that running this wire, there is a work around for the majority of 2006....and maybe some 2005 Monaco Motor homes.


which was prewired and installed in most of the 2005....and definitely all 2006, then this wire can be used. 

I have included prints and pictures as well as the "PIN OUTS" on the Trailer Brake Controller Plug. There MAY have  been a different plug used circa early 2005...but this is the one used, consistently, since 2006.

BTW....the INFAMOUS Blue WIRE for the control wire is SUPPOSED to be pin 2 or the "4:30" lower RIGHT pin LOOKING INTO the 7 Pin rear receptacle.

If you look at the M-66 Controller Print, PIN #2 is the NOT TERMINATED up front wire or the control wire that runs to the rear to the PIN 2 of the 7 Pin....or what is commonly called the BLUE WIRE.

This would be the SPARE, UNSUED, INSTALLED and AVAILABLE wire to use as the YELLOW LED/Indicator circuit.

Hope this helps 

Monaco 6 Pin - 5 Wire Trailer Brake Connector - up front - Plug.jpg

38061113 (Schematic, Plug, Trailer, 7 Pin).pdf 38060870 M-66 2006 Exec Brake Controller.pdf

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