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Step slide will not open.

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On a 2009 Monaco Signature Commander the step slide will not retract.  It appears a switch module adjacent to the passenger seat may have failed.

Does anyone have input on accessing part for 2009 unit?

I have been unsuccessful.



Tom Miller


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Are the labels lit up on the switch module rockers?  If not, press and hold the Dimmer + rocker to make them brighter.  If all the rocker labels light, then the switch module is likely good.  If the switch module does not light up, send me a PM (I can repair Eaton multiplex dash switch modules).

If the switch module does light up, check the step cover fuse and associated relays in the FRB (Front Run Bay) below the driver's seat. (By step slide, I'm assuming you mean step slide cover.)

27000652_B Vehicle Cabin PCB.pdf

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The 20 amp fuse labeled SCER (step cover extend retract), relays SCE (step cover extend) and SCR (step cover retract) are circled in red and are on the large PCB in the FRB.


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On my 2008 Dynasty, I found corrosion in a connector under the step. I can’t recall which connector it was. That is worth a look before buying parts you may not need. 

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