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Warning light flash code meanings

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Had the Dip sitting a few weeks, not leveled, down in the back 

Went to start to get it aired up, and warning light came on, never has before

Did the diagnostic switch, 5 flashes,

I have poured over websites but cannot find what the flashes mean.

Oil pressure was good, there’s coolant.

Does anyone know a link the the flash meanings? 

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Well as it turns out in my impatience, I overlooked how to let the code cycle. 

Anyway, letting the light completely  and cycle gets me 2 codes:



Both codes deal with fuel pressure (shocker) The 451 deals directly with voltage. I’ve read in the past the when you replace an injection pump, you should replace the suppressor. Well as much monkeying around with my pump lately, I’m not shocked that a suppressor might be the culprit. 


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Well I believe I found the issue, and it’s not the suppressor.

While back and taking terminals apart to check for corrosion (there was some) I noticed a sensor kinda out of whack, tilted. The moment I put my hand on it, it popped apart. 

I’ve tied to heat the plastic side, to see I could get it over the metal, but I think even if I was able to get it over, I don’t think it would stay together.

It’s a pressure sensor, which makes sense given the conditions presented. 

And of course, it’s not sold individually, it’s in a kit. About $460 from the Kenworth deal with shipping. 


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Posted (edited)

I believe this was the same sensor I pulled and cleaned when I was have an intermittent CEL last Oct.  On mine the part was replaced with a new PN which included a bracket that helped support the wiring harness.   I did check with a couple repair shops in KS but there wasn't one available.

When I first worked on mine the there was a lot of weight pulling on the wiring harness and I think it had caused my harness to loose connection.  I've since used some zip ties to help support the harness, which actually has three harnesses grouped together.  

I did check on line and there were some after market ones but not sure its worth the risk https://www.amazon.com/4025130-3408551-Pressure-Sensor-Cummins/dp/B0CN8ZXHC6

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41 minutes ago, JDCrow said:

Sweet! I’ll show what’s in this kit. Glad it worked for you. 

I didn't have to buy a replacement. 

I took the sensor out, cleaned it and cleaned the wiring harness and that fixed my problem.  But I did do some searches on a replacement.  $460 is a ridiculous cost for the sensor. 

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I suspect that what happen to you is a common problem which resulted in new harness being modified.   Others with a ~2002 era ISC 350

Like I posted earlier, I was having a CEL with code showing a problem with this sensor.  When I removed mine there was a lot of weight on the wiring harness.  Seemed like the whole harness, which had 3 different sensors bundled, was putting a strain on the sensor harness.

After pulling the sensor, cleaning, and reinstalling I had a heck of a time getting the two ends of the harness to snap back together.  Since then I got creative and used zip ties to pull the harness  up and take some of the weight off.

The new part # includes some sort of bracket to help support the weight.

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Well, less than impressed. The “kit” consists of a new sensor like the one Jim posted, and a tiny washer that I assume goes in first. I’ll have to pull out the repair manual and see the process. 

I had to have it as I leave this next week, so it is what it is. 



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