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Protective covers for headlights

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1 hour ago, Kenster said:

Thank you.

I can offer a REAL….tested and PROVEN METHOD.  In 2018, I had my “film” bra replaced by Dazzling Detail. I got the installer to cut a piece of the high performance 3M UV resistant new “bra” and then mold and attach (capillary action) over my headlights. Mine weren’t bad, actually looked great.  He polished them and then used the squeegee out the water and his heat gun and they became a perfect cover.  In 6 more years….and the MH’s front faces the setting sun….it is housed in a garage style carport in the storage yard.

THEY are PERFECT. There is nothing high tech or uses any special adhesive….he just cleaned and sprayed and then worked out the bubbles and moisture and then did a little (heat bending) hand work to get the 3 M to adhere.  Any detailer that can put on protective film…like our “bras” can do it.  You could order a sheet and cut the size or shape…and if too big, you use a razor blade and trim, in the field, off the selvage.

WORKS ….trust me. I wish I had had thr Yukon lights covered…

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Use a piece of Llumar clear wrap. Best there is.   00.10mm thick. Jay Leno and other car collectors use it to wrap cars they buy, then remove when they sell them. I have never experienced a corner or edge lift in 24 years I have used that product.

You buy the best, or pick from the rest!!!!!

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