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1996 Roadmaster R-2800 Chassis Information Needed

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I am looking for a parts list for my 1996 Monaco Windsor 34' Motorhome. Specifically for the Roadmaster R-2800 Chassis it sits on.

Would a service manual / parts list be available for this chassis?

I need replacement parts for the front driveline, such as new passenger side spindle and wheel bearings.

Please advise if these are common parts and what manufacture made these components.


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In our Downloads section there are files with service manuals and parts lists. 

You need to know the axle model number as Kenneth mentioned. 

Once you have that, if it's an Eaton/Dana/Spicer axle, the link below will give you an option to look up the parts you need and the service manuals. 

Click on the title "Dana Eaton Spicer..." not "Download this file" to get the full listing of available downloads for all the service and parts manuals for all the axles on your coach. 


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