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  1. In lieu of a replacement in a timely manner, one can take some strong magnets and attach them to the reversing valve where the solenoid is located and wire tie them in place to hold open the valve. This would be a temp fix till you can locate or get a replacement coil. I was told to use this method while waiting on a replacement several years ago. It will work on AC only and not heat. Hope this may help, Happy Trails Bert
  2. Ended listing 10-21-2020, getting ready to go South, still have the bracket would consider an offer. I have a Roadmaster Base Plate for a Chev Malibu 2014-2015 listed on ebay for sale. It is new in the box. It is the model that does not use the crossbar and quick disconnects. The towbar hooks directly to the removable tabs. When not towing and tabs removed, it is pretty well hidden. It is for the Malibu with the 2.0 Turbo or the 2.5L engines. It will not work on a Malibu with active air shutters. I would like to sell this in the next three weeks before we leave. Make me an offer
  3. On our 06, I have needed to replace a couple of the swivel T's. there are several of these front and back and it seems the o-ring in the swivel T part must dry out over the years, Just another place to check. Hope this may help. Happy Trails HH
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