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vacuum generator question


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My parents 2002 Amabassador vacuum generator runs nearly continously when the vent mode is set to off position.  In any other postion, the vacuum generator runs as expected running when you first start the engine and then stops after a running for a bit.  Would seem to indicate we have a vacuum leak, but I don't understand why the vacuum generator runs when the vent mode is set to off (also when MAX air is set as well).  As a test, I removed the hose coming from the vacuum generator (pump) and put my finger on it.  The pump still had the same issue.  It runs for 20-30 seconds, turns off for 10 seconds or so and repeats the process.  This would seem to indicate to me that the problem is likely in the pump itself since everything else was disconnected at this point.  Any opinions or suggestions.  I inspected all the lines running from the pump to/from the vacuum reservior, but could not see any obvious issues.



steveg 2005 DDIV

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Is it an electric generator? If it was air operated, I could do some comparison test. In my experience, vacuum pumps are good at generating vacuum but not so good at holding it when turned off without some sort of a valve which may be a part of the generator or the storage tank depending where the vacuum switch that turns the generator on/off is located.

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