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Has anyone replaced the easygrip by moeller products  on the engine oil and hydraulic tank. My engine oil has been a bear to remove from day one rubber looks ok not sure if that's how they are from new it takes a rag on the handle and all I got to get it out (and yes I unscrew it to release the rubber stop) the one on the tank is tuff also but it's rubber is starting to deteriorate. So am I barking up the wrong tree and they're always hard to remove?  I did look on Moeller's site and it looks like just the plug/handle assembly is all you get not sure how the dipstick and diprod are removed didn't want to try to hard incase I broke it trying. 

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Mine was so old and the rubber was iil soaked. Bought a new 1" easy-grip and replaced it. Just unscrew the old one off, it may be hard to get past the stops they use to prevent the dipstick from falling off. Screw on the new and take a chisel to spread the threads so it doesn't unscrew. Easy job, and a whole lot cheaper than trying to find a new dipstick

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