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Electric/ Water bay door latch on 2005 Safari Panther

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My bay door handle for the Electric/ Water bay door just broke. It is one of the doors that raises up and away from the body rather than swinging out. (Don't remember the name of that type of door). Does anyone have a part number and supplier? I am able to get the door open. 



2005 Panther

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Sounds like it could be the same thing as our door latch and in 2016 I got one from Monaco parts while they were in Oregon. Couple of numbers I have noted were Part number 309233 and description said "Latch, luggage door locking N08-1526". It is a keyed latch, the key hole was in a different side of the latch but it fit and works right. It was $153 +shipping then. Maybe it helps, been a while.

I just now found the invoice and it was from Allied Recreation Group, item # 08409162

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Here is the parts page from my day doors.  It has the OEM part number, it may not be the same number but it will lead you to the manufacturer which should provide more info on the parts.  I looked up the parts and it brought up Trimark


You'll have to search to find what you need.


1 Baggage Door Electric Lock Parts.pdf

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