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Cummins ISL Fuel Filter Change 2008

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Greetings;   New to me 2008 Camelot 42PDQ.  I am about to change the fuel filters.   I am well versed in this kind of operation, but I do not know if the 08 Cummins ISL engine has an electric lift pump.  I will likely fill the filters before I install them when I am at home. However, Having had to change filters on the road on several occasions....  I don't plan on carrying a gallon of diesel to prime with.   Will this engine prime itself with the repeated cycle of the key?   If it wont, I may plumb in a 12V inline priming pump.

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I think your owners manual will cover this, but if you are not prefilling the filters, the electric lift pump will fill them.  
With the ignition is switched on, the pump will run for a few seconds (you should hear this). You will need to turn the ignition off and on for several cycles, but the filters will eventually fill.
Don’t just try to start, but use the pump cycles to fill before attempting start.

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Guest Ray Davis

I change the filters one at a time , sometime I prefill them but either way I get the engine running smooth before moving on to the second filter .

That's just me others may change both but if I have a problem I will know which filter is the culprit .

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