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Transfer Pump Leaking & question

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About 3 weeks ago I did some maintenance on my rig, Air Filter, Dryer Filter, and greased the chassis. I also did a visual inspection of the top and bottom of the engine, transmission, and brakes. I didn't seen anything out of the ordinary.

Yesterday when I went to take the rig to fuel up and drive it I couldn't get it to start and as part of my troubleshooting I crawled under the rig and again didn't see any problems. I ultimately found that I had hit my rear start switch, got the rig running and drove it for about an hour.

Today I noticed a wet spot under the engine and crawled underneath and found fuel dripping down the starter.

Dang, lift pump was leaking fuel and looked like a decent amount based on the side of the wet spot.

I went ahead and tightened the three bolts holding the pump onto the base, they seemed to be loose, I tightened them all up. I wiped off all the fuel and cycled the fuel pump probably 20 times as I was also working in another problem. It would run for 1 minute and then stop.

At the end I could not see any evidence of fuel leaking.

I do have a replacement gasket and will install that if the leak continues and then replace the pump if needed.

So my question is for those of you who have had a leaking transfer pump and just tightened the bolts, did it work, did you have another leak.

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So I started checking on a replacement fuel transfer pump for my ISC350 and most of what I've found is after market "no" name.  My thought is the that the OEM pump is probably made in the same factory as the aftermarket, just branded different.  Has anyone changed this OEM pump to an aftermarket and is so where did you buy it from.  Or should I spend double the price for an OEM pump? 


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8 minutes ago, bobdinsmore said:

Jim J,


I had the same leak about 4 - 5 years ago, tightened the bolts and zero leaks ever since, many tens of thousands of miles later.

That's what I'm hoping for.  I will monitor for now and see if it leaks. 

A new OEM pump is ~$500, can buy after market Federal Mogul of for $235

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