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Magnum 2812 issue

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Power shut down this am while using toaster, 1500 watt space heater, and microwave. While checking breaker which was ok, power came back on.

I assumed my EMS Power Management shut down and checked - No Error message and power was good.

Turned off space heater and started toaster and microwave again to finish breakfast. Power shut off again and didn't return.

I checked Magnun control center and noticed Red light fault. I turned everything off and noticed on Aladdin system I was still drawing 19 amps on leg 2.

I turned off breaker for Inverter at Sub-Panel and Aladdin leg 2 dropped to 0.  Turned breaker back on and Leg 2 went back to 19 amps

I went into basement and Magnum was running hard, sounded like an extreme charging mode. 

I shut down Inverter and reset. 

Everything back to normal , no extreme noise from Inverter and Leg 2 amps back to normal.

Have no idea what went wrong. The fault in code on Magnum Control Panel was  "Low Bat  Hi-D-0 "

Did I send the Inverter into some extreme mode by drawing to much power ?

Should I get Inverter checked out ? It only 2 years old.

Thanks in advance.


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What you describe is from low battery voltage is why I ask .

Not being plugged in to keep batteries charged.

And you didnt say what your batteries tested.


With what you were trying to use.

Heater and all

Your way overloaded.


I read evos thoughts ????

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This is confusing to me. If you are plugged into 50 amp shore power you should not be using the inverter. The inverter should be in pass thru mode via the internal transfer switch. I am not sure which inverter you have but it sounds like it is a 2000 watt modified sine wave inverter with a single 30 amp input circuit from the main distribution panel. If that is the case there are two 20 amp push to reset circuit breakers on the front of the inverter. One of these is dedicated to the microwave and the other is suppling 90 % of the 110 VAC wall duplex outlets in your coach. If you are operating a 1500 watt electric heater on an outlet that is thru the inverter then the heater alone is drawing between 13 and 14 amps. That leaves very little margin for anything else in the RV that operates on 110 VAC. The toaster draws about the same as the electric heater and as soon as the toaster comes on while the heater is on the 20 amp breaker on the front of the inverter is going to trip. This is a very poor arrangement by Monaco and motivated me to install extra duplex outlets in the bath and hall area that can be plugged into the 20 amp circuit on the pedestal for operating heaters, etc. I would suggest that you plug a 110 VAC device such as a lamp into the outlets in the bedroom one at a time with the shore power off and the inverter on. You will soon find one that is not powered from the inverter and they are usually located near the headboard because an electric blanket should never be operated on the modified sine wave inverter that came in many coaches built in the early 2000's. Use an extension cord and operate the electric heater from that non inverter outlet and that should stop the tripping of the inverter circuit breaker when you operate the toaster. 

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I realize I was pulling to much power through the circuit. My real concern was what happened to my Inverter.
The Inverter was "Off" at the time but the excess power draw put it into some massive charging mode.
The Inverter alone was drawing 18 amps as noted on the Aladdin power display.
I had to shut down and reset Inverter to correct the power draw.
Typically, my breaker will trip under this condition, this time breaker did not trip and Inverter went into some crazy mode.

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