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Wiring diagram for 120vac

Jeff H

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I have a friend with a boat that wants to install a generator and an inverter/charger.  He has asked me how the system works and I am not entirely sure.  So is there a diagram out there that would show how the Shore power/ Gennie/ inverter are wired for a 2006 Diplomat PDQ?  I looked in the downloads  section but I could not find one.

Thank you

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I just looked at the manual for Xantrex inverter, there are installation instructions that include a decent wiring schematic showing the entire system including the generator, transfer switch and shore power along with the 120 volt circuit panels.  I'd suggest you look at the make/model inverter you are looking to install and see what it has on installation instructions.

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Thanks Scotty - I added the 120VAC wiring diagram to the existing 2006 Diplomat 12VDC wiring diagram file.  That way, both the 12VDC and 120VAC wiring diagrams are under the 2006 Diplomat wiring diagrams.


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