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Smoke Detector missing in 07 Diplomat

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I had what I thought was the smoke detector beeping at me in the ceiling - thinking it was low battery.  I went to replace and noted that it was actually a second CO monitor in the ceiling (Attwood 900-0143).

All the times I tested system/checked unit the past year we owned coach (3rd owner) did not read actual unit type/ just the sticker noting to test smoke alarm regularly.   My bad for not catching sooner ( lack of attention to detail!!) 

I am in process of replacing all the detector units in MH after reading previous LPG thread in Feb on subject.  Having just got MH back from some clear coat repairs; I confirmed that all units were timed out. Based on dates on back of detectors, believe the LPG & CO monitor at floor near bedroom are original.  The ceiling CO monitor date was 2012.

(1) Those with 07 Diplomat models  do you have an additional CO monitor in ceiling?  I would think that this placement was a mistake during swap out made by one of previous owners as at ceiling height CO alarm would be a little late....

(2) Was there a standard Smoke detector installed in all Monaco models?  My manual just states a Safe-T-alert smoke detector - no model #.   I did find model #SA-775 from them which is RV specific.   My thought was to replace  expired Attwood CO detector with smoke detector in same spot in Living room ceiling - feeling safe to install without worrying about hitting something with the  new screws.

(3) For those that added more detectors (e.g. bedroom) - did you install on ceiling; if so via screws (concerned about hitting something as I am not sure what is up there) or installed on wall?

Comments/recommendations appreciated.








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My 2002 Windsor has a dedicated LPG detector mounted just off the floor on the short hallway wall that goes between the kitchen and bathroom.

My original smoke detector has been replaced with a combo Smoke & Fire Detector with a 10 year battery. It is mounted at the ceiling directly in front of the Samsung refrigerator.

My CO detector is mounted in the bedroom directly underneath the overhead cabinets where the power panels and circuit breakers are located.

My coach is the PBT Floor-plan. Photo below.


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Your coach should have THREE separate and DIFFERENT system protection devices, each with a different job to do. The smoke detector is usually mounted in the kitchen ceiling. The LPG, (propane) detector is usually mounted near the floor under the stove. Propane is heavier than air so it needs to be mounted at floor level. Finally the CO, (Carbon Monoxide) detector is ceiling mounted, usually in the bedroom to protect you when you're asleep. CO is lighter than air so that detector is mounted higher up. Extra smoke detectors can be added of course. If replacing detectors ensure you are replacing them with EXACT replacements. CO for CO, Smoke for Smoke and LPG for LPG. They are NOT interchangeable... ...Dennis

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Thanks for confirming 3 system requirement.  That is/was my dilemma. Only had two of the three systems installed in MH when we purchased it - and only recently realized what I thought was ceiling smoke detector was actually CO detector on ceiling contrary to what stickers stated.  Currently - no Smoke Detector in MH.  I suspect that one of previous owners swapped out the overhead Smoke detector to a CO detector.

I have already ordered the replacement LPG & CO monitors for the two existing units ( same models wired into 12v system).  I have ordered a new combo Smoke detector to replace defunct ceiling CO detector unit and an additional second detector to the bedroom which did not have one previously.

R/ Mark 

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