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2008 Monaco Signature Buckingham 600hp

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Do you remove the driver side front tire to replace the two air bags? My tech seems to have a

lot of trouble removing the rear one,already into it four hours...


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Yes. Removing the tires provides much easier access. Same goes for the drive axle ones. If he’s into it 4 hours and hasn’t realized this then he’s probably not the right guy. 

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Yes, you need to remove the front tires/wheels or access will be difficult.  You should start by airing the coach all the way up on the air springs and support the frame with 22 ton jack stands.  Then air it down.  (This allows you to remove the bag without trying to compress it.)  You also need to remove the bristle brushes and lower shock mount.  Use a regular floor jack to support the front axle weight only.  This allows you to lower the axle and easily pull the bags out. 

Start reading at post #1265 and then the next few pages.  Mike is a true craftsman and an expert on these coaches.  

Mods/Upgrades to our 2003 Dynasty - Page 91 - iRV2 Forums

Hope you get it as a 2008 Signature is one of the finest coaches ever manufactured.   

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