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Engine transmission, not shifting

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The engine is a ISX with 600hp. The speedometer doesn’t work and the trans will not shift out of first. Engine diagnostics revealed problem with adaptive crude control. Took that off line but still wii not shift. Restored crude control. Has anybody experienced this situation. Apparently the speedometer communicates with the trans to shift at certain speeds. 
thanks, Dave H

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8 hours ago, Hypoxia said:

Do you have the part number?  I figure it may happen to me and I have the same drivetrain.

Part Koauto 29544139 output speed sensor for Allison trans. My MH has a ISX Cummings 600 hp.  $35.99 purchased thru Amazon. 
it solved a problem that a Cummings mechanic with 49 years experience could not determine was wrong with my MH. His computer indicated the problem was with the adaptive cruise control.

if you get a chance , call me and I will give you more details.

Dave, 904/616-2617

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