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Beltline molding.

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Will get that to you when I get home this afternoon.  Not that it will do you much good.  Lol. Tech support won't even talk to me because of the age. Parts ? Gotten some information, but 1/2 of it was wrong.  They don't consider it as one of there's since they bought the bankrupt company. 

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9 hours ago, BobSchmeck said:


Are you talking about the same Sika that you use for sealing cracks in concrete? 

Sorry same company, different product

Sika 505

Out camping and have no internet till we goto town 

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I would take a look at AZ RV Experts on YouTube. 

James does amazing work and you can see his work to get an idea on how a pro seals up stuff. You will be amazed. 

Take a few mins and watch him Re-laminate a painted Winnebago Coach. And watch him rebuild a brand new totaled Allegro Red. Really awesome to watch. He also does lots of re-roofs with belt sealing 

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