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ABS codes

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The ABS light came on while driving and stayed on.  Tried to read codes while stopped at rest stop and got 2 codes on the Tag ABS system only.  They were
17 - 8 and 17 -3.  Cleared codes and light went out and stayed out for 50 miles then came back on.  Got home and checked codes again,  could not get any codes from main ABS system only from Tag system and same codes were there.  Manual says the 17 - 8 code is the Tag ABS is disabled.  Can't find anything about 17 - 3 code.  Anybody got the code diagnostics??

Safe travels 

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You didn't post what brand and model of ABS you have in your 04 Sig.

I have the manual for the Bendix Gen 4 and Gen 5 models which has blink codes.

The 17-8 code does not match yours so I imagine that your brand and model are different than what is on my coach.

BTW - the 17-3 code in my manual states - J1922/1939 date link not functioning.

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Codes are found in the ABS ATC Manual along with the procedure to retrieve any codes and to clear any codes.

The codes are retrieved by using the ABS Diagnostic Control Board which has a black push button on the board. My board is located in the FRB. It takes two people to read the codes. One operating the ABS-DCB push button and the other inside watching the ABS lamp on the dash to record the number and sequence of blinks.

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