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AquaHot Back-Up Battery

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According to the AquaHot 600D manual, a second battery should be installed to keep constant 12VDC should the coach disconnect be activated during the diesel burner process. I do not see any secondary back-up battery.

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Robert, can you point to where you read about having a secondary back-up battery?

I have scanned both the owner and service manuals for any reference to requiring a secondary back-up battery and haven't been able to find any.

Normal operation requires a minimum voltage and if it drops below that minimum the unit with shut down to protect itself from damage.

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I believe the idea is that if the unit looses power during the time when the burner is firing, the cooling fan will stop as well causing a concentrated heat spike. The more I think about it, I am going check voltage at the control board with the disconnect switch off. It may be hard wired from the batteries for this very reason??AHE-600-D01_AHE-675-D01_Service_Manual_Rev_A.pdf

Section 5 page 45AHE-600-D01_AHE-675-D01_Service_Manual_Rev_A.pdf

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