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Trouble getting leveled

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I pulled into Branson Missouri today and tried to level with my hydraulic system like I always do but it kept lifting the  motorhome off the ground, So I just air leveled for now I don’t know if I’m just tired doing something wrong or if I have a problem any suggestions from the group?

Thanks Don

 2007 dynasty 

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This only my opinion! Jacks are for stabilizing not leveling. Level with whatever u choose under your tires then stabilize with jacks. I use four sets of (21026) “Camco Fasten XL 2x2 Leveling Block - Interlocking Design”. Just my opinion. Smile 😀


1- Pick as level of a spot as possible.

2- Use whatever means of leveling your coach by placing supports under your tires to bring coach as level as possible while at ride height.

3- Move slides out.

4- Dump air or not.

5- Lower jacks to stabilize.


If not dumping air, you should also place supports under jacks so as to use minimum amount of fluid in reservoir.

Sounds like ground level is way off. If ground is that far off, move to another site maybe. I just have a Knight with no air leveling, just stabilizers.

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My levelers were set to auto and one night the whole curbside was lifted off the ground.  I recalibrated the system but since then I have only manually leveled.  I have hydraulics, no air leveling. 

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