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My mechanic was trouble-shooting something else and noticed coolant leaking from the water pump weep hole. I think that means I need to replace the pump pretty soon, before the leak reaches the pump bearing.

Is this the same pump as on the Dodge pickup with that engine? And how big a job is it to replace in the motorhome application?



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From a DIY guy, doable, how much time can you devote? 

I do not owe and ISB, but to me biggest hurdle is the Rads/Coolers. Once they are out you should have acres of access. 

While there, new AC pump? Obviously belts/tensioner? Have rad/cooler cleaned, new hoses? Jobs tend to get bigger the more I think about them. It’s why you get 2-3 phone calls when your rig is at the shop.


”hey, when we took this apart, we noticed this needed replaced” 

Shops already know, they just quote you cheap. Once it all tore apart, what are you going to do? Of course you HAVE to fix it and now we are at their mercy for price and TIME. 


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I should take a mechanically minded person about 2 hrs to drain n remove the rear Radiator with 1 additional person to lift it out. The charge cooler 1/2  hr more if you also want it out to clean n change hoses n clean engine. After the Radiator is out you will have access to the waterpump.  Replace all hoses, even the numerous small ones around the engine, belts, belt tensioner, thermostat. Dont be in a rush n most of all try n have FUN, knowing you eliminated lots of possible issues down the road. Also consider having the Alternator rebuilt  n fan replaced with the one from Source Engineering while you have access.

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Thanks to those that responded. I have to admit, though, that even as a fairly capable DIY mechanic the job sounds a bit more daunting than I expected. I.e., I did not anticipate the need to remove the radiator etc. I think this is beyond my desire, if not my skill set, and we don't have time before our next trip to have it accomplished.

I do agree, though, with the suggested work while the radiator is removed. But for this trip I will just carry a new pump, tensioner and belt, JIC. The leak is so small at this point there is no coolant on the floor.

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5 hours ago, Robert92867 said:

Jim, any followup on that leak?  How many miles on your ISB?

Sorry, I should have reported. After my last post we made that 2400-mile trip and the leak didn't appear to worsen. I took the coach to the shop and they replaced the water pump, tensioner pulley and serpentine belt (without removing the radiator). At the time we had about 104k miles on her.

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