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Front and Rear Air bag part numbers

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I am wanting to replace the front and rear air bags on my 2001 Holiday Rambler Ambassador rr4r motorhome. I'm trying to find the part numbers for them and I've sent Monaco an email but haven't heard back from them yet. I have contacted a garage to replace them for me but they said they will have to remove them to get the part numbers THEN put the old ones back on until the new ones come in because of shop space. I do have a few parts numbers but not sure if they are correct for my motorhome. They both are goodyear numbers, front w01-358-9586 rear w01-358-9587. Thanks for any help. 

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I would contact Source Engineering and get the Ride Enhancement Kit fir the R4R chassis. Comes with their airbags, custom tuned shocks and ping tank for the front. By far the best investment for the money fir improved ride and handling. Installed mine a couple of months ago and wow, what a difference in the ride.


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For my 99 Signature Caesar Air spring same all around, have firestone on there now, the one I ordered for a spare (Brand name) Automann ,part # AB1DK20D-9376, Equivalent to the following

99-12P 477

W01 -358-9376


Hope this helps


1999 Signature Caesar 

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I'm getting Jim at source engineering to get a ride enhancement kit for my 2001 Holiday rambler. I contacted two RV garages in the Richmond Va area to complete the install for me. One said no, the other wants to look at the kit first before they will comment. I may get a little help and try to do it myself. My kit only covers the front air bags, not the rears one, but does include rear shocks.  Any advise or if anyone knows of a garage that may help in the area let me know. Thanks       

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A shop should not have any issues installing this. The air bags are attached by 4 bolts, 2 on btm and 2 on top. The shocks are, well shocks, bolt on top and on btm. The ping tanks mounts with bracket that is included and does not require any drilling. Really straightforward install.

There is more info on the installation here


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