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Hose reel leaks


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I cannot remember the name but I have the silver hose reel used for water.  I am having an issue getting the hose clamps to prevent leaks.  Can’t get the hose to seal on the copper connection.  Using radiator clamps (3).  Anyone got a better clamp?

good day,


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I would check your copper connections to make sure they are still round(-small radiator clamps have a habit of oblonging fittings). Cut the hose back to get a new section for the connection, if you have enough, and use crimp style clamps. Crimp style clamps provide a more uniform squeeze. 

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I had the same problem and I think it is the washer that seals the turning reel on the water inlet. I just eliminated the reel hose and put a new short hose that connects to the supply hose. Just waiting to get the courage to remove the whole reel assembly to rebuild it. The assembly is attached to the bottom of the upper floor and the lag bolts are hard to get to. 

Gary 05 AMB DST

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