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Rear Air Tank Replacement

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I have a 2006 HR Nav 45'.  It has been awhile since we have been on the road, due to having to come out of retirement and go back to work.

In prepping for travel later this year, I have been tracking down leaks in my air system.  I have replaced the air dryer, the regulator, tightened fittings and had a new front air level control valve installed.  Now I have discovered a pin hole in the bottom of the rear air tank.  The Monaco Air System Diagrams - 2006 from the Downloads section has been a great help.  The drawings call out the rear air tank as being Monaco P/N 6901. I have done an internet search with no luck but may be looking at the wrong sites.  REV says they will get back to me later.  The build sheet does not have any information on the tanks. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement tank that will fit and have the same ports without re-plumbing the air system?  Or any advice.  Thanks. Tom F.


Rear end Underbody (2).JPG

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Google   "replacement air brake ping tank"  and find the one you want.  Might also try "replacement air suspension ping tank".   Lots out there, just a matter of finding the correct config.  Look a the the top of your tank too, might get lucky and find a part number.

Good Luck...

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Thanks, all for the recommendations.  I have been told not weld the tank due to the high pressure and it is probably rusted from the inside out.  I have talked to Source Engineering but they didn't know who might have made it.  REV said the manufacturer is Johnson Welded Products P/N 6901, but they no longer make this tank. I plan to call them Monday and see what suggestions they have.  We are going to take the air tank down next week and take to a truck parts center in Raleigh or Fayetteville and see what they can find.  Hopefully there is some additional information on the top of the tank.  If so, I will post what is on it so hopefully it might help someone else. Thanks.

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