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AGS questions

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Where do they typically hide the AGS module for an 09 Sig?

Next question, I am running my AGS (well trying to) and have set to start on VDC set at 11v. the Gen come on, runs prescribed time and turns off, a couple minutes later it starts back up and does the same. When I go to Tech on the Magnum remote on within the AGS I am only reading 6.4v which is the reason it constantly thinks it is below voltage. So why am I only showing 6.4v coming in? 

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49 minutes ago, Hypoxia said:

Mine is right beside the Magnum Inverter Charger.  Which model AGS and Charger?

Magnum 2812 and the Magnum MEC-RC

I need to change the remote out for the MEC-ARC just so I can have a bit more tunability. But unless I can figure out why I only have 6.4v it won't matter which remote I have.

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