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Hi beam indication on dash not coming on


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New here to the forum, tried to find earlier topic and did not. Pull light switch on dash and lights come on. Turn indicator switch lever actually changes lights from hi to low and back. The blue light hi beam indicator in top center of my dash does not light. Pulled instrument mounting panel away from dash today. Used alligator clips to 12V source and light is good. used clip on lead from multimeter to ground and the other to each of the two connecters inside the light bulb rubber socket. Tried the 4 combinations of hi-low/left-right wires several times and never saw voltage. Looked a little on wiring diagrams and know there are relays under the dash that this feed is connected to. There are soooooo many wires and they do not have very good labels. Both wires to the socket are black. Any one dug into this issue before?

Thanks for any help,


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