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Relays in Breaker Box

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One is most likely for your Electric Assist Element in your Hot Water heater.

The other is for the Engine Block Heater.

These relays are activated using low voltage 12 VDC switches however the relay passes high voltage 120 VAC to the appropriate device.

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That IS your hot water heater even though it also provides heat to your coach. The Aqua-Hot has a 120 VAC Electric Assist Element which is powered through THAT relay in your photo which is activated with a 12 VDC switch which is located adjacent to the Aqua-Hot Diesel Switch.

May I strongly suggest that you first find out exactly what Aqua-Hot model is installed in your coach then go to the Aqua-Hot web site below to download your specific model manuals, Owners, Parts, Service, etc.


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This RV breaker box helped my car stay safe when I switch from onshore power to RV power. To wire a breaker box, I need a 50-amp breaker, a circuit breaker box, and several tools, such as a wire stripper, drill and bits, a screwdriver, and a craft knife. First, I choose where to place the breaker box reasonably. Position the breaker box on the wall and secure it with screws. Loosen the fastener securing the breaker box’s dead-front panel. Remove this section and touch the leads with a voltage meter to confirm there is no current. 

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