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Entry door power contacts

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Just wondering if I'm the only one having trouble with these damn things!

Original ones, one of the square tubes fell out and dissapeared a couple of years ago, but it kept working fine with just one spring making contact.

About a month ago, I installed brand new, identical contacts (found on Amazon). Well, the square tubes are already beginning to bend!

These contact switches are intended for mini-van sliding side doors, where the door jam presses them squarely. Not really designed for a hinged door!

Anyone else having issues with these contacts?

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I remember replacing it a few years back on my Dynasty.  You're right, they are contacts designed for a mopar minivan sliding  door.  Mine stayed together after that.  

It could be that the one you bought was a poorly made copy.  You might want to try another source; stuff from Amazon may get delivered fast but is not necessarily the best quality.

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