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Broken Awning Mount

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I contacted Carefree of Colorado to try to find a replacement for my broken awning mount (on my Holiday Rambler Neptune 2004).

I have received no reply.

Does anyone know where I can get one from or if you happen to know the part number? The awning model is BN3N4 according to the sticker on the arm. (see photo)

There are two photos of the one which isn't broken and two photos of the one that is broken.

Many thanks.






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When my old unit had all the hardware bent an broke, i went to Amazon. Im always amazed what they have. I went to a parts manual “on line” an got the proper name and or part number an put it on the search line an there it was, total rebuild for my old coach was less than $200.00

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My care free arms like that were bent and damaged beyond repair, I replaced the arms with "Eclipse arms".  I think I still have the brackets and I do not believe they are broken.  I will have to look, you are welcome to them if you cover the costs of getting them to you.  


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That would be fantastic thanks Ken if you manage to find them.

I'd be more than happy to pay postage. Let me know how much and if you have Venmo or CashApp for payment.

I only need one.

Thank you,


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