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Exterior Grab Handle

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Do the ends of the grab handle come off the tube? I thought they would pop off mine are very tight and I don't want to break them.

I also remember reading here about replacing them or re chroming  them. I did a search but couldn't find the discussion. At the very least I'm going to sand the down and paint them for a temporary fix wife cut her finger the other day on the peeling chrome.

door grab handle.jpg

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Our forum owner, David Pratt, does re-chroming at his Melbourne shop. You would have to check to see what the current price is for re-chroming the ends. Sometimes the cost of re-chroming is close to the cost of purchasing a brand new handle from Veurink's RV.


My handle is basically in the same poor shape. I keep peeling the flakes off so we won't cut ourselves which has happened once. Someday I will have to decide what to do but unfortunately the coach spends half the year two blocks from the ocean in Florida so it is a constant battle against chrome corrosion.

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